Replaces, Lots of Volvo engine harnesses are suffering as they get older. This is not really unique to the The was made from to as the S90 in later years and parts of this harness are deteriorating after prolonged exposure to high heat.

When new, those two buullet inserts are clear silicone. The cheap, brittle convoluted plastic harness sleeve tubing has been replaced with nice looking vinyl sleeve tubing. It can be found on your engine harness on a printed label attached to a hard plastic channel conduit near the main ECU connector.

This one is PN This particular harness has one connector for an EGR temperature sensor. So if you have a similar without EGRthen your harness may be the same or very close except for that one EGR connector.

Also you should have a look at the large white plastic connector under your hood. Early s will have one that looks like this photo to the left, usually found in models up to was a transition year.

It is no longer available as a new part. So the only option is a USED connector shell. If you're interested in ordering this harness, we will require a used connector from you. Please see the below instructions for submitting a used connector. Please email for more info or if you have questions.

Volvo 960 wiring diagrams

If you have access to more of these connectors, please contact me. Please don't attempt to remove terminals or disassemble the connector. Online Payments.

Main Volvo Harness Page.

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This of course brings connectivity problems. You're car begins to misbehave and your nightmare begins. How do I know if this harness will fit my ? I'm working on making this harness available, but it requires customer input.

This type of large white connector is found in models made after was a transition year. Some models will have connector 1 only. Connector 2 in this photo may not be present, but the later the car, the stronger the chance that it is present. You may re-use the same channel conduit from your car, so there will NOT be a need to send us one. It's made to split apart, so it can be easily removed from your old harness and reinstalled on the new harness before you complete your installation.

This conduit is secured using a nylon zip-tie, which is easy to see.Car Stereo Installation. Do your next car audio installation yourself! View Cart.

Contact Us. What fits my car? Alarm Systems. Antenna Adapters. Bose Radios. Box's Subwoofers.

A tour of a very special Volvo 960

Car Audio Install. Car Stereo Install. Chat Section. Dealers only. Empty Boxes. Fans 12 volt.

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Fuse Blocks. Fuse Holders. Ground Blocks.

1994 volvo 960 stereo wiring

Installation kit. Noise Filters. PAC Accessories. Power Accessories. Power Blocks. Pwr Window kit. RCA Cords. Speaker Grills. Steering Controls. Wiring Diagrams. Wiring Harnesses.Quick Links. See also: Owner's ManualService Instructions. This manual deals with the operation and care of your Volvo.

Welcome to the world-wide family of Volvo owners. We trust you will enjoy many years of safe driving. To ensure your. We also urge you. And, of course. Your Volvo is designed to meet all applicable safety and emission standards, as evidenced by the. For further information regarding these regulations, please contact your dealer. The cover photograph shows the international version of the car.

You should be familiar with the information in the first three chapters before you operate the car. Information contained in the balance of the manual is extremely useful and should be studied after.

Table of Contents. Volvo car cassette desk owner's manual volvo pages. Summary of Contents for Volvo Page 1 This manual deals with the operation and care of your Volvo. We trust you will enjoy many years of safe driving in your Volvo, an automobile designed with your safety and comfort in mind. Page 2: Table Of Contents All information, illustrations and specifications contained in this manual are based on the latest product information available at the time of publication.

Volvo reserves the right to make changes at any time, or to change specifications or design, without notice and without incurring obligation. Page 3: Volvo Volvo Instruments and controls Instruments, switches and controls pg. Your car is equipped with a Shiftlock-Keylock system. To release the selector from this position, turn the ignition key to position II or start the enginedepress the brake brake pedal, press the button on the front side of the gear selector and move the selector from P ark.

Page 5 Volvo 1 Ambient temperature sensor dealer-installed option Indicates the temperature slightly above the surface of the road. At low speeds or when the car is not moving, the temperature readings may be slightly higher than the actual ambient temperature due to heat generated by the engine.

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Page 6 Volvo 1 Turn signal, left 2 Turn signal, right 3 Malfunction indicator lamp 4 Direction indicator, trailer 5 Service reminder indicator 6 Low washer fluid level.

Page 7 Canadian models are equipped with this warning light: Warning! Tow the car to a Volvo dealer and have the brake system checked and any leakage repaired. Page 8 If this light comes on while driving, the coolant level is low. The coolant level in the expansion tank should be checked immediately and topped up if necessary. The cooling system should be inspected by an authorized Volvo dealer. Turn signal indicators-trailer certain models When towing a trailer, this light will flash simultaneously with the turn signals on the trailer.

Page 10 Volvo pg.The dash board disassembly is the same also for the VDO model. Randy Starkie has presented Method 2, the Needle Methodto do the same. Read the descriptions below and choose which you want to use. Fault: Shorted capacitors inside speedo and corrosion on the printed circuit board and leads to chips. Capacitors can fail due to poor quality electrolyte or bad manufacturing: this is an industry-wide problem for many manufacturers using electrolytic capacitors.

See BadCaps. Volvo had bad capacitors in model years in their speedometers. Replacement Parts: [Paul Ramdial] You can replace discrete components including the capacitors which are the most likely failure mode using available commercial parts from Digikey or Mouser as noted below. The Yazaki integrated circuits in their speedometers are probably proprietary and may no longer be available, although one does show up on Google.

I was told that Volvo NA made a buyout of remaining inventory from Yazaki about nine years ago and after that's depleted. Tools Needed: [Randy Starkie] Invest in a good screwdriver set capable of giving a good fit to the small phillips screws you will encounter.

Husky Home Depot makes one that has four different sized inserts- slot on one end and Phillips on the other. Don't use a "cold heat" soldering device since the current they emit may damage nearby components.

1994 volvo 960 stereo wiring

A dental pick and sharp X-Acto knife help in solder removal. A small pair of cutters or a flush-cutter will help to trim excess leads once installed. And get a magnifying glass and bright focused flashlight to be able to see the quality of the soldering joints you are making. He also said that partsand replacements were available for the VDOs but neither for the Yazakis. The faster you short, the higher the speed.

If you have a reading, then STOP HERE, and instead of tearing your dash apart, remove the rear sender unit, clean it using DeOxIt electronics cleaner available at Radio Shack and good electronics stores or eventually replace it and while you are at it change your rear differential oil!

See the notes in the Instruments FAQ File on replacement of the rear sensor connectors, which become corroded. Volvo sells replacements. If your speedometer has a reading when you start driving and then suddenly goes dead, or if it will indicate constant speeds, then it is probably the gage and this guide will help you. The instructions below solved the problem. On rare occasions the responsible for erratic readings has been found in the grounding bar located in the driver foot compartment worth to check before tearing the dash apart.

Depending on your car model, see the FAQ file for instructions on how to remove the trim and cluster. Be VERY careful about not damaging the fragile zero position pin which breaks off in a heartbeat.Radio and Antenna PDF. Can you please help me fix this?

The unit will display Code or "rpt", after which you punch the four digits.

Security Check

If the unit won't accept the correct code you have three tries before it chokes and displays Eeeeee then turn the radio on, leave the ignition key at KP I for two hours or go for a drive to reset the unit and try again after two to four hours. The aut button is the upper button just to the right of the 3 button. To unlock the CR radio, it has to remained connected and turned on for just one hour, during which time the code shows OFF.

The SR has to remain connected and turned off for 24 hours. If you've lost the code, see below. When a dealer replaces a radio, they are supposed to update the Volvo data base with the new radio code, but most seldom do this.

If you don't have the VIN of the donor car, you must supply the dealer with radio model and serial numbers. Pull the radio and look for the serial and model number pasted on top. To remove it, follow this link. They may ask for proof of ownership before they give you the code. They should do it for free. While they are on the computer, ask them also to get your key code 's if you don't know those.

They could come in handy some day. Radio Removal. Earlier Radios. Pull off the knobs, and the rings behind the knobs the AM-FM adjuster and the loudness control switch rings. To the outside of each of the shafts, in the unit, are metal spring tabs. Use a flashlight to see them. Use two very thin screwdrivers to hook each tab and lever towards the middle of the radio.

This releases the spring locks, and the unit will slide out. You have to pull out while you lever the screwdrivers toward the center.

Beware of the trim piece: don't flex it too much else it will break, nor should you use the trim piece to pull the radio out:: it's held by four tiny tabs at the corners, which will certainly break.

Note as well that the top of the radio has two flat springs that act to dampen vibrations. They may hang up on the trim surround: just flatten them with a thin putty knife blade. Push them in with a screwdriver and they will pop out, then pull them out a little farther and this releases the radio to slide out. Note: If you don't know the security code for the radio, do not unplug it.

The later radios CR have two narrow slots on either side of the faceplate. Look inside these with a flashlight and you will see a flat metal spring. Insert a screwdriver into each slot and lever the spring inwards toward the center of the radio, then pull the chassis out. The cautions about trim pieces and flat springs above apply here too. Do NOT jam a scrwdriver into the hole as far as it will go: you will bend the spring clip and make it very difficult to remove the radio.

When they have bottomed out, the screwdriver handles can be straightened out, away from each other, to bend the clips in against the radio chassis. It helps to have an assistant with their hand in the cassette slot gently pulling outwards on the unit at the same time, and voila, the unit releases. With one person, it is possible to release one clip on one side, and then the release the second clip whilst using the spare hand to pull the stereo out via fingers in the cassette opening.

Radio Box.Viewed:1, times - 6 hour, 8 minute, 16 second ago Downloaded: 0 times - Category: Volvo. Read More.

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Our mission is to help students and professionals in their field. Related Posts. Volvo gt Wiring Diagram. Volvo s Wiring Diagram. Volvo PV Wiring Diagram. Volvo Complete Wiring Diagram. Get daily update. Electronic Hub. Recent Views:. How to wind Toroids read more.

How to Build DIY hybrid amplifier read more.Hopefully it can save some people some trouble or be a good reference for someone having the same issues I had. Important Safety Message: Before doing any electrical work disconnect the battery.

The amplifier is located by the steering column behind the knee plate. Wattage — Is important and should be the first thing you check when looking at any deck.

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If someone says a deck is watts and it has 4 channels most do then each speaker channel gets 50 watts. Around watts or 4xx50 will get you by. Speakers — Are also important. The speaker is the last thing between you and your music. I checked mine and they seemed OK so I left them in.

You want to keep it in good condition in case you decide to reinstall it if and when you sell your car. I tried to get one at Best Buy and Circuit City they told me that all their Volvo stuff was special order only. If possible get the ones with the stripper part towards the end and not on the handle, this makes it easier when stripping in tight spaces.

Separate pairs of crimpers and cutters are handy as well and will make things a little easier. Available at your local big name auto parts store Schucks, Autozone, etc. Get the big pack. Get the long flathead screwdriver.

Mid height on either side of the radio there are tabs holding it in. Gently push the screwdriver into the cracks to push the tabs in and pry out the radio.

1994 volvo 960 stereo wiring

Unplug the harness and antenna. Write the security code for the stock radio on a piece of the masking or duct tape and put it somewhere on the radio in case of future reinstallation.

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Use the larger star tipped Torx screwdriver from your Volvo toolkit to remove the knee plate. If you have some trouble with the screws tighten the vice grips onto the shaft of the screwdriver not the handle and use them to give you some more leverage.

Use the fat tipped flathead for the two plastic fasteners towards the bottom of the knee plate. Not remove the two screws holding the metal plate on and gently remove the other panel down by the pedals. Disconnect the wiring harness. Gets your smallest flathead screwdriver for the white wire connectors on the amplifier wiring harness. You want to unscrew the side farthest from the harness.

Just leave them on the harness and leave the harness unplugged. Cut 4 lengths of speaker wire, just over 3. Split one end of each about 3 inches, then strip the two wires crimp on butt connectors. Cut an inch or so of masking or duct tape and fold it in half over the wire like a tag towards the other end.

There should be a copper wire and a silver wire, or one wire will have a stripe, depending on the brand of speaker wire. Silver wire is positive, copper wire is negative, or stripe wire is negative. Take your sharpie and mark the tag that you made on the other end LF for Left Front. Repeat with the other wires using the following guide.