These are the core components that make up a solid, vinyl-friendly stereo system that you can upgrade later on. Our picks are tested to be accurate and should offer many years of reliable analog playback. The Denon DP is easy to set up, sounds great, and has convenient features that make it simple to enjoy your record collection.

The U-Turn Orbit Basic offers good sound quality at an affordable price, but it lacks some of the features that make a turntable easier to use. Powered speakers with built-in inputs are more compact, but a receiver setup gives you the option to upgrade speakers later on.

Additionally, all our receiver picks have a built-in phono input for hooking up turntables without extra equipment. The R-N streams through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, includes phono and digital inputs, and sounds very good. You get what you pay for here, but even the most affordable options sound great compared with a similarly priced mono speaker. The i speakers deliver great detail and a wide soundstage, and their design and build quality are better than that of most speakers in their price range.

Speaker wire is one of those things that you need but are so easy to forget. The good news is, even the best speaker wire is very affordable. The comfortable, spring-loaded handles, the large jaws, and the clearly marked wire-stripping holes make this tool a solid choice for AV setup.

In testing, this surge protector was one of the best at preventing voltage from reaching its outlets, plus it safely stops all power once the protection wears out.

It has 12 AC outlets plus coax and phone ports. It lacks telephone or coax connections but adds two USB charging ports. Overkill unless you have high-end home theater, office, or media equipment, the Powerstation knocked down surges better than any model we tried, including surge eliminators costing twice as much. No matter how much you spend on a turntable, it sounds only as good as the record does.

Although you can try manual methods to clean records, using a record washer is the easiest and most effective way to do so. Experts we interviewed unanimously recommended getting this alongside a new turntable. Banana plugs provide a neat, solid connection for your speaker wire. You may or may not notice any improvement in sound quality, but they do make for a cleaner setup. The easy-to-install Affinity Series plugs create a dependable connection and give speaker wires a professionally finished appearance.

Adding a subwoofer to your system is the only real way to get visceral bass notes that you feel more than you hear. The SUB delivers more deep bass power than other budget models of the same approximate size, and it has all the connections you need.

This good inch subwoofer comes in a slim cabinet that slips behind or under couches or mounts on a wall.

The best vinyl setups for any budget

This receiver offers high-quality audio, easy setup, reliable connectivity, digital audio outputs for higher-end systems, and range that easily covers a large room. To be clear, a preamp is actually a necessary component of a vinyl-listening setup. Essentials These are the core components that make up a solid, vinyl-friendly stereo system that you can upgrade later on.

The best combo of performance and convenience. Denon DP Read the review The Best Turntable. Great sound, limited features. U-Turn Orbit Basic.You know one of the most common questions we get asked on our Facebook and Twitter pages is what is the best gaming headphone or alternatively what are the best headsets for gaming.

However, you word it you are in luck because as ashamed as I am to say it, in my mid 30's, I game a lot and I have done for the past 30 years.

hifi setup reddit

PC gaming was always my preference over consoles and a big part of that was the immersive sound quality that you just didn't get on an Xbox or PlayStation.

Now, of course, PC gaming has seen an exponential rise in uptake over the past few of years thanks to the popularity of twitch and professional E-sports.

Things are a lot less casual now that people are competing on a global stage thanks to increased internet speeds. The sound of gaming headphones is no longer just about immersion, it also has a huge effect on improving performance. A key piece in the puzzle that could be crucial to you blowing ballknocker74's brains all over a wall or viewing your own avatars corpse lying it a pool of digital sweat and blood.

So when searching for the best gaming headphones of we went to town. We sought out recommendations from pro and amateur gamers and also chose to test out some of the bigger name brands. The results were quite surprising in that the performance you can get for very little money comes amazingly close to those of the more expensive offerings.

There are a lot of factors that come together to make a good gaming headphone and I am going to tell you right from the get-go that style and RGB lighting are not one of them. Let's face it you are not wearing your headphones out of the house and for that reason alone there is absolutely no point in choosing a gaming headset based on how they look.

Get that into your head right now.

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All the fancy RGB lighting and crappy graphics won't make you play better. Oh, and you can be damn sure no girl will ever mention how cool your gaming headset is. Look for sound performance as a key deciding factor. I don't know about you but I am pretty careless with my gaming gear. When I get something new and shiny I treat it well for the first couple of weeks and after that, I'm not surprised if I have left my headset lying on the floor or even raged and thrown it off a wall.

Oh and let's not pretend any of you haven't stood up without taking your headphones off and proceeded to drag your entire PC to the bathroom with you. Chances are over time your headphones are going to get beat up so it's a good idea to have something that is well made and up to the task. Key areas in our testing for durability was they headband sliders earcup, swivel points, and cable. However, we also gave extra points to headphones with durable pads and finishes.

Higher quality plastics and the use of metals in key areas of the headphones were also greatly received. Realistically we are talking about multiple hours of gaming in single sessions so we don't want to spend that time with an uncomfortable set of headphones on our heads. We want to focus on 2 things when it comes to comfort.

The gaming headset must have comfortable cushioning on both the earpads and headband and also we need to pay attention to the amount of clamping force exerted in a lateral direction. When testing these headphones we have found that full over the ear circumaural headphones worked better than the more compact on-ear variety and as such we only included such designs in this list. Clamping force is down to personal preference but just be aware that if you are using headphones with a strong clamping action they are great if you move around but pressure points can become irritated after multiple hour usage.

You will notice in our list below of the best gaming headphones that there are some options that do not have an inbuilt microphone. This doesn't mean that they cannot be used for in-game chat it just means that you have to use them with an add-on gaming microphone. The good thing is that these expand your options to some truly exceptional sounding headphones that will work well for both your gaming fix as well as music listening.

You don't even have to spend a fortune as most of these add-on microphones are very reasonably priced. We have listed two of our favorites below.

Blue Snowball Ice Condenser Microphone. Neewer N Studio Microphone. The sound matters more than anything. There are three things that we found to be important with regards to sound and the best headphones for gaming. Immersive audio - If you are not looking for a competitive gaming headset and are just trying to immerse yourself in the experience then headphones with enhanced low-end frequencies tend to work best.

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Clarity and Sensitivity - Low background interference and low hiss were important but the overall feeling of sound being accurate and identifiable footsteps, cans, pills etc being audible from a distance could give you the edge over your opponents.At the moment, vinyl records have become terribly popular…again.

Of course, this is not the first time. During the early 80s, CD was introduced and everyone declared vinyl to be a dinosaur, dead and buried. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that vinyl is a physical medium. This is music you can actually hold in your hands. It also has value as a second hand item, it is tactile, it is a perfect canvas for expressive sleeve art, it often contains easily read lyrics and interesting notes plus additional artist memorabilia within its packaging.

More than that, despite what fans of digital music i. That is, you can get better sound quality from a cheap vinyl system than a similarly priced digital system. I addition, the more money you throw at a vinyl system, the more those records will reward you. There is no upper limit because analogue has no sonic limit. Sure, enough of the future. What about now? Before we get into the nitty gritty of choosing a turntable, you should ask yourself a few questions first.

You will need to think about a few other components to attach to the turntable first, such as an amplifier and speakers.

Of course, all of this might affect your budget.

hifi setup reddit

Where are you going to put them all? This little lot can take a fair portion of acreage. A vertical shelf system is a good idea although, for the beginner, any available flat area will get you started, at least. There are Pros and Cons around this question. You also have an easier time of it if something goes wrong. But you pay a premium and, it could be argued, the value for money quotient is lower. Second Hand? You can buy top quality for a relatively low price.

Are there any issues? Any problems waiting to happen? For secondhand purchase, you really have to ask lots of questions. If you want to buy second hand then there is plenty of general advice on offer from the likes of eBay, accessible readily within their site.

Over and above that, if you want to buy a turntable, you need to ask the buyer several questions. If not, you may have to buy an entire new cartridge.

The best Hi-Fi speakers 2020

If it is not new, when was it last replaced? Factor that into your budget.With so many speakers, amplifiers, and turntables available, it can be tough to know how to even start to build a good setup to enjoy your record collection. Below, we outline three entirely different vinyl setups to consider, ranging from an affordable and rewarding option to an aspirational audiophile-grade system for those who want to experience analog audio like never before.

See it. Designed for studio use, these powered monitors require no amplifier, offer exceptional audio imaging and balance for the money, and their simple black-on-black aesthetic looks sleek and stylish in virtually any listening space.

For audiophile-grade fidelity at a reasonable price, look no further than this clean and lightweight setup, which features three of the best-sounding options we have ever heard in each of their midtier categories. The Pro-Ject Debut Carbon turntable is a gorgeous and fantastic-sounding deck that comes with high-end features like an Ortofon 2m Red cartridge and a carbon fiber tonearm, which work together to follow the groove in your favorite vinyl with outstanding depth and clarity.

The sound will head to one of the U. It might not be much on the eyes, but the plain-looking preamp makes up for its lack of aesthetics with its high-end interior tech.

It all starts with the simple and elegant Clearaudio Concept turntable, which will play back your vinyl with astonishing agility and clarity, pulling out even the subtlest sounds from your discs.

The best audio gear is designed to remove the barrier between you and your music, and this system will do that in spades. Note: Though these are the main components of these setups, you will still need the right cables, speaker stands, and a well-tuned room to get the best sound out of each setup. The best gaming speakers for 1 day ago.

The best speakers for 3 days ago. How does a record player work? What is this? Say hello to the new Google Nest speaker July 10, These are the best cheap Sonos deals and sales for July 6 days ago.

The 50 best movies on Netflix right now 5 days ago.You love music, but even if you consider yourself a true audiophile, the cost of high-end sound can be, frankly, a little absurd. We talked with a handful of audio experts to find out how to get audiophile-calibre sound without emptying your savings account.

Here's what they had to say. Simply put, an audiophile is a person obsessed with sound. Most often, they're people interested in a stereo system that sounds as close to a live performance as possible.

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Audiophile's are a picky bunch, and while a number of the tweaks we look at here will increase the sound quality and listening experience on your system, you still may not get a full-blown audio-nerd seal of approval. But that's okay, because you'll have a great sounding stereo and won't have to blow your life savings. Before we move on to how you can tweak and upgrade your stereo, let's get a better understanding of what an audiophile is listening for and what components they often use.

To understand how to upgrade a stereo system, you have to know what to listen for. I talked with experts to see what they tune their ear to. You should be listening for accurate instrumental timbre, dynamic range squashed out of too many modern recordingsspatially—the ability of a recording to convey the space in which the recording was made and the placement of the images within the space.

A good recording played back on a properly set up system will produce focused images placed in a definable space. Such a recording and setup should have any music lover saying to him or herself "Who needs video?

For headphones, Jude Mansilla, founder of Head-Fi. As for sound, I don't have just one sound signature preference. The sound signature I want at any given moment may vary with mood, or with the music I'm listening to. If I'm listening to well-recorded music regardless of genreI tend to reach for my most revealing, most accurate gear.

However, a lot of poorly, harshly, recorded 80's pop and rock might have me seeking a more forgiving usually warmer sound signature. When I don't know what I'm going to be listening to or when I know I'm having a day where my music preferences are all over the mapI'll generally reach for my rigs with sound signatures somewhere between the two.

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The key similarity between both of these ideas is the sound emulation. To get the most accurate sound from your stereo, you want to reproduce the situation it was recorded in. Let's look at the ways hardcore audiophiles do it. Photo by Kevin B 3. An audiophile's stereo rig is often a towering system of knobs and components. We'll get to what you really need below, but let's start by getting an understanding of what audiophiles use and why they use it. So what does this mean for your stereo?

I talked with Ethan Winer, audiophile and author of the upcoming book The Audio Expertabout what components matter. He had this to say:. The most important components to own are the source CD and Blu-ray playera receiver of some sort, and good speakers. Buying a separate preamp and power amp gains nothing, and is more expensive and more complicated to set up.

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I would never recommend separates for a normal stereo or home theater surround system. Likewise for most add-on products, such as "power conditioners," fancy cables, and most accessories. The only "add-on" product I can think of that actually improves sound quality is acoustic treatment. As Winer suggests above, you only need speakers, a media player, and a receiver. That's it.But putting together such a system can be daunting, to say the least, so here is a list of building blocks to put together your perfect budget or affordable audiophile system.

You have the speakers, the amps to drive them, along with your sources, like a streamer or DAC to provide the music. Put them together and you have a great hi-fi system. Elac Debut 2. When paired with a quality amp like the NAD CBEE V2 on this list, you will have a nice starter hi-fi system that will give you a nice soundstage, decent imaging, and nice excitement without being too forward in any one area.

What that adds up to is a system that is easy to listen to for hours and hours without any fatigue to your ears. Q Acoustics i Bookshelf Speaker — If you want a speaker that is a little more refined with a little more definition and air than the Debut 2.

It will also go a litlle lower than the B5. They are nice and flat, with really good treble detail and a sweet midrange. The imaging is also very nice. With the right recording, you will be able to hear instruments hanging in space with realism. However, since this is a very flat speaker, a little on the clinical side, they will not be as forgiving of bad recordings as the ELACs, and you will need to pair them with a lively amp like the next piece on the list.

This amp will add a little excitement to the analytical sound of the Q Acoustics, giving you a good balance of warmth and detail. Get the B5. Cambridge Audio CXA60 Integrated Amplifier — If you want a step up from the other two amps on this list, check out the Cambridge Audio CXA60, which has the same punchy bass and fast presentation as the Topaz, but with more detail and a bigger soundstage.

The CXA60 also has a sub out for the addition of a powered subwoofer along with several digital inputs for digital sources like a streamer. It will also stream music to Bluesound speakers placed throughout the house as Sonos does with its speakers.

You can even play to two of them at the same time for a multi-room setup. This little device is awesome! Update: The Chromecast Audio has been discontinued by Google, so it is now a lot harder to get. However, there are still quite a few available on eBay and secondhand sales sites like OfferUp. Quality speaker wire is essential to get the most out of your system.

They have a USB input for music from a laptop, or you can just play music from your smartphone via Bluetooth. They sound amazing on their own, but you can also add a cheap subwoofer to them for a more full range sound. While most PCs have an inexpensive DAC built-in that will output into your stereo, the result is usually subpar since PC are normally not equipped with the circuitry needed to remove digital noise from the music being played.

The Beetle, however, has one of the best ESS Sabre DAC chips, combined with a quality power supply and quality digital timing circuitry, two things that are needed to provide a clean, clear signal to your amp. The Beetle also has Bluetooth so you can send music from your smartphone in a pinch. It also has a clean, powerful headphone jack to power you audiophile headphones to their full potential.

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Skip to content July 17, Search for:. Like this: Like Loading Dennis Coffey and Julian Lage. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.Audiophile Questions. New Audiophile. What is the best beginner setup headphones, dac, amp? Hey guys, as I said in the title, I am new to the audiophile world and could use some of your help. I love listening to music and I want the best sound quality possible. Basically, what I'm asking you guys is what is a good beginner setup for me?

Thanks in advance. Sign Up Log In. Sort by: Newest.

hifi setup reddit

Nov 14, Oct 4, Of cause there is always a deminishing return but it is out of your budget. Being an audiophile, there are too many way to spend your mony: cables, DACs, AMPs, ear pad, even a fuse or a volume control pot can cost hundreds of thousands.

Sennheiser 6XX is the best value headphone you can get in the market for new. Think about how much HD is selling and how much HD6xx is On the other hand, HD58X is still a good choice. It provided a greater value than it price.

The T50RP family is famous for its modding potential. Oct 3, Start there like all of us and then Oh I know. Nov 11, Don't start out with Tubes. I wish I didn't start out with the Vali 2. Tubes are a pain in the butt and not a place to start. Apr 24, How much cash you got? I think this is a decent question, and I will get back on here with my 13 cents in a few. I actually do want to offer a considered and well-thought set of remarks.

Do you have a specific budget? There are two answers to your question. It will give you a good baseline reference on what to listen for since it exaggerates everything in a very pleasing way. Once you have a baseline comparison of lower consumer headphone performance to the entry level, audiophile headphones, you can start to determine what aspects of the sound profile are important to you.

This will inform your purchase decision rest of the way down the rabbit hole when looking for new headphones and eventually, amps to pair them with. To be honest, asking for recommendations is never satisfying even when you get plenty of responses.

The enjoyment comes from exploration of options and trying different headphones out with your favourite music. So yeah I might have stoped right there!

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