You just got home from your first meeting with the local modeling agency. A couple weeks ago you went in for a test photo-shoot and this meeting was to talk about your pictures. They loved your pictures and said they wanted to sign you that day. You were floored. Of course you told them you wanted to talk to you boyfriend about it first. You shut the door quietly when you heard him talking on the phone. You giggled as you walked towards the kitchen where he was talking and you hid behind the door so you could listen.

one direction preferences he makes fun of your weight wattpad

You smiled as he talked about being at your meeting but then just like that your smile was wiped off your face when you heard what he said next. I mean I think Taylor had the right idea saying she would never make it as a model. You covered your mouth tears filling your eyes instantly. You knew it. You turned around and headed straight back out the door. You were going straight back to that agency and turning down the offer. Tears streamed down your face as you drove back towards the agency.

one direction preferences he makes fun of your weight wattpad

You walked back in the house and shut the door. You cried all the way home after turning down the contract. Harry must have heard the door shut because he was instantly by your side a smile curving his lip. You wanted to slap that smile off his face but you were too upset to even care.

Before you could say anything else Harry wrapped his arms around your waist, picked you up and spun you around.

I knew you could do it. Now go upstairs and dress up really pretty. I just wish you would have told me that before I went there and made a fool of myself. He nodded his head, grabbed his keys and his cell phone and left the house.

When you heard the front door shut then a minute later his range rover start and pull away you dropped to your knees and cried. How stupid could you be? You asked Liam to come with you so you could get his opinion. He told you he would be delighted to come. You picked up a few dresses off the rack that he said would look nice on you and you walked over to the dressing rooms.

Once the dress was on you turned around looking at yourself in the mirror. This dress was perfect. You opened the door and looked outside to see if you could see Liam. You peaked around the corner and smiled when you saw Liam still on the phone.

Your jaw dropped when you heard him say that. I mean she always knew what to wear and what to pick out to accent her curves. By the time he was done talking tears were streaming down you face. You turned around quickly to get back in the dressing room before he realized you heard what he said.

You bumped into one of the workers on your way back to the dressing room and she noticed your tears. At that moment Liam turned around and saw you standing there in your dress. He hung up the phone and walked over to where you were standing.

You tried to sneak back into the dressing room but you felt a hand on your shoulder.Users Online Counter. You were mentally high fiving Liam - this provided Niall with the perfect oppurtunity to ask you to go with him. You really wanted to go, and knew he could take a guest, and despite you dropping massive hints, Niall still aparently remained clueless. You tutrn to smile at Niall, who wraps an arm around you before answering Liam, "ah, you don't like that stuff do ya?

Not into all the dressing up and stuff are you? Too fussy. Can't say I disagree," he laughs, squeezing your arm. Liam smiles sadly at you, "Aw, thats a shame, it would've been great if you'd come along too,". Later that night when Niall returns home he finds you sat on the settee, staring at the TV.


I've been looking everywhere for you, you weren't picking up your phone," he frowns, moving to sit by you, "I was worried,". You see him frown out of the corner of your eye, not quite sure what to make of your behaviour. What's all this about? Do you want to go tomorrow, is that it? He wipes away a tear from your cheek, "Hey, don't be daft," he wraps his arms around you to hug you, "You should know I think you're the prettiest girl in the world.

And i'm sure, no I know that you'd look just as fantastic all dressed up," he reassures you, stroking your arm, "If you'd wanted to go so much, why didn't you just say? You shrug, mumbling, "It wasn't my place to invite myself,".

You tense as he starts to laugh, "You think i'd want anyone but you by my side? Louis had brought you onto the set of the bands newest music video, and insisted on showing you everything and introducing you to everyone.

You stood awkwardly with Louis' arms around you, resting his head on your shoulder as he held an animated conversation with Carrie.

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Looking down, you notice Louis' hands slowly stroking your stomach - why was he doing that? You weren't pregnant. Your stomach wasn't that big was it? Ok, it was no way near as flat as Carrie's, but that didn't mean he had to stroke it. As the week went on, you became increasingly more paranoid about your stomach, pushing Louis away and making up excuses to get away everytime his hands went near your abdomen. What's going on? Two, what does Carrie have to do with your stomach?

When we first started dating you said you liked it. That it made you feel relaxed and protected," he moves a strand of hair out of your face, "If you want me to stop, I will. I didn't realise it bothered you,". You shake your head before resting it on his chest, hugging him a bit tighter, "No, it was just me being silly and jealous,".

You lean over him to reach for the cookie packet but stop when Harry scoffs, "Really? You've already had four,". You smile embarassedly, and settle back down into his side - without a cookie.Okay, after a long wait, here it is : Tell me if you like it! Niall knows your biggest insecurity is your weight. Why would he go there?

You bury your face into your pillow and start balling. He walks into the room. You turn to look at him, tear streaked face staring into his. You push him off. He looks so pathetic and desperate. You let a giggle escape your lips and soon enough you start laughing uncontrollably. Niall just looks at you, dumbfounded.

What he thinks of your American accent

You just laugh harder and pull him close to you and kiss him. You were afraid of being lost or hurt. Harry knew that, but tonight he was a little tipsy and a little annoyed with you. Your stomach drops fifty feet. Leave me alone for two seconds and get over your dumb fear of crowds.

You look at him blankly and you can feel the tears swell up your eyes.

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You turn from him and run out of the club. You hail a cab and ask to go home. Once home, you slip on your sweat pants and a t shirt and just stare at the wall. Where are you? I looked like a totally dick. You accept his apology and wrap your arms around his waist and sit there listening to his heartbeat. You stop dead and your tracks.

He knew that too, he said he always loved your nose, and thought it was cute. A tear fell down your cheek and you looked in the mirror. You fixed your hair, and tugged at your dress, but all you could see was your nose, staring you straight in the face.

More tears slid down your cheeks but you dabbed them with the back of your hand. Are you ok? He immediately runs to your side and hugs you.

Are you hurt? He gently caressed your cheek and whispered under his breath. Not with your anger management problems, at least.Hi, I'm Rhianon and I'm thirteen years old.

one direction preferences he makes fun of your weight wattpad

I won't have enough time to update this every day, so sorry in advance. Harry: You two were getting into a heated fight in your living room after you found out that he had been flirting with various fans and celebrities while on tour. You're so fucking annoying! You take a step back, really pissed off. Get the fuck out of my house," you spit out.

Preference- He makes fun of one of your insecurities and makes you cry (Requested)

You let out an angry scream and kick the leg of the coffee table nearest to you. You let out another scream, but this time it was pain. The tears start to come fast, the tears that you had managed to keep in while watching Harry yell at you.

You storm up the stairs as fast as you can, almost tripping at the top, but you still continued. You busted your bedroom door open and pulled on your hair in complete frustration, lying on the bed pretty much suffocating your pillow.

After about ten minutes of nonstop crying and the occasional scream here and there, you hear the front door open. You could tell by the footsteps that it was Harry. You quickly run into the bathroom and slam the door shut, holding your sleeve to your mouth to try and muffle your crying. You hear Harry enter your room. You rip the door open, tears still streaming down your face, although they are more silent now.

You try to pull away, but Harry is too strong for you, so you give up the fight and kiss him back, your lips molding into one. He pulls away first and looks you straight in the eye. You will always be my one and only, and I could never leave you for anyone. Forgive me? All it took was one simple nod of your head for his mouth to curve into one of the biggest smiles ever.

He leans in to kiss you again and you do not struggle at all this time. You two were on different sides of his bedroom and it was completely silent, but you could tell that he was getting pissed off more and more. You checked your phone for the time and realized that it was still early, but you didn't want to be here anymore. I'm really sorry that we had this fight," you say quietly, while walking slowly to the door.

I cannot believe you just said that. You grabbed your bag and ran out of the house, slamming the door behind you. Chills were instantly sent to your forearms and a light rain was already settling in. You had forgotten your sweater back at Louis', but you sure as hell weren't going back.Niall: You and Niall had a fast food dinner made up of fries and burgers.

I thought you cared about your weight. He never made a remark like that before. Of course you cared about your weight. It was one of your biggest insecurities, but you were comfortable around Niall and ate whatever you wanted.

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You felt as if your heart was stabbed multiple times. Before he could see your face, you got up and rushed into your bedroom and slammed the door. Zayn: He always had a thing for tall girls.

Unfortunately, you were much shorter, at least 6 inches shorter than him. He took you as his date for a movie premiere, and every single girl that was there, wore 4-inch heels. You felt small and out of place. You could tell that Zayn was intrigued by their height. Without a word, you let go of his hand and leave the premiere.

Louis: You never wanted to be the typical girl who stressed over how they looked. Sadly, you were insecure about your bare face. You never left the house without makeup. For a change, you decided to go without makeup. You felt a little comfortable with your skin. Louis came to pick you up for lunch. After giving you a kiss, he noticed the no makeup look. You were in complete shock.

Out of all people, you thought Louis would be the one to encourage you to not wear makeup. Harry: Being flat-chested was not the best gift. It was hard shopping for bikinis that actually fit you well. You and Harry went swimsuit shopping for your upcoming anniversary trip to Hawaii.You had been dating for two years now, but you were still insecure about your American accent, and you finally plucked up the courage to ask him how it made him feel.

He said he had always thought it was adorable, and it was one of his favorite things about you. Louis: You were a southern girl. You tried to hide your accent as much as possible around your boyfriend, Louis, but sometimes it slipped out. You had said something to him, and you said y'all. He giggled and asked you to say it again.

You asked him what he meant and he begged you to say y'all again.

one direction preferences he makes fun of your weight wattpad

Zayn: You were on Twitter. There was only the certain people who really got to you, and those were the ones who made fun of your accent. You teared up as Zayn walked in, and he read what was on the screen. I actually really like it. Be quiet, please babe! He was watching a video of himself on Youtube, and dying laughing. When he heard you say talk in your American accent, he laughed even harder.

You had eventually learned not to mind it, and laughed along with him.

1D Preferences #45: He makes you feel insecure

Fine, but this is the last time…schedule. He asked you to say it at least twice a week. Since then, he just kept asking you to say it.This was getting to you and you decided to tell Harry. Have you seen the magazines lately? I love them! Harry took the magazine and threw it in the trash. You pulled away from him and stormed off to your room. What did I say?! Harry stood quiet behind the door. Tears started coming out but you tried to keep quiet. You felt more worse about this whole thing when Harry offered to take you shopping.

I hear you sniffling. You hesitated to open it but you did.

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Immediantly, Harry wrapped you into his arms. Tonight, you had to go to a celebration for the boys having a number one album. You bought the dress last week and tonight you were getting ready.

Are you almost done? His hands wandered your back before he zipped it up. This made you not want to wear the dress. You walked over to the mirror to look at your reflection. Then you went to go weigh yourself. Of course not! Why would you say that?

Hello, my friends.

You shrugged. When you got there you could hear yelling coming from the backyard. You laugh at the thought of the boys wrestling in the pool. Come on! You shook your head.