Toggle navigation. No song selected. Know that Dhun and Shabd are one and the same, like water and its wave. Make no distinction between the two. The goal of the Radhasoami Faith is the only true goal; of true and perfect salvation which can be attained only by practising Surat Shabd Yoga union of spirit with sound current. As per Radhasoami Faith, the entire creation is divided into three divisions. It is comprised of six sub-divisions. Spiritual-material: The Second Division is called the Brahm Desh or Brahmand where highest and pure form of mind and subtle matter exist with spirit; the latter predominates.

It is also comprised of six sub-divisions. Material-spiritual: The Third Division is called Jiva Desh or Ichchha Desh or Pind Desh or simply Pind where matter is coarse and impure, and spirit is feeble and to a certain extent under the control of the forces of mind and matter.

radha soami 5 names in hindi

The above three grand divisions of the universe have a correspondence, or are on the same plane, with similar divisions in the human body, which is a miniature microcosm of the universe macrocosm. The deliverance of spirit from the bondage of mind and matter, i. The seat of the spirit in the human body is at the top of material-spiritual division Pind. The Supreme Father, Radhasoami Dayal, is a boundless ocean of spirit, love and bliss. The spirit entity is a drop from this ocean or a ray of the Supreme Sun and in essence is the same as the Supreme Father.

Having descended from the Highest or First Region, the Surat spirit has, in its present state, become encased in material coverings and, in a manner, intermingled with matter and is, in the Third Region, subject to the forces resulting from such mixture. It has thereby lost its innate powers of discrimination and intelligence, and has become subject to carnal desires and passions.

As long as it remains in the Second and Third Divisions where mind and matter exist, it cannot be freed from future births in the lower or higher regions. It is only in the First or the Highest Division where mind and matter do not exist that there is no re-birth.

There is an everlasting conscious state of love and bliss. Radhasoami Faith is not based on the scriptures appertaining to any religion but on the precepts or sayings of the Sant Sat Gurus. The holy name "Radhasoami" is not identical with any other name. Sant Sat Guru or Sat Guru is He who has either descended directly from the Highest Division or reached that region by the practice of Surat Shabd Yoga under the immediate direction of the former and has become one with Him.

Sat Shabd: The sound proceeding from the original source, i.Today Tucson Bob left a comment that got me thinking about my own evolving attitude toward mantra meditation. He said, in part:.

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I will say that Sant Mat meditation, at least the basic technique of simran mantra repetitionseems to me to have a dulling, dumbing-down effect that seems to interfere with intuitive perception.

Imagine you are in a wilderness at night. It is pitch black and you know there is a predator out there. All your being, all your senses are fully in the moment listening for some sound or movement to indicate where that predator is. You are fully absorbed in the present situation, in the immediacy of your current reality. No simran is necessary at this time and would actually be a hinderance to full awareness of what is.

Your mind is totally quiet absorbing the sounds of the night because of the urgency of the situation. It is alert, ready.

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This is a good non-meditation. Be fully present in whatever you are doing. The mind will wander off. No matter, it can't be helped.

When you are fully aware again, just be that way. Tucson Bob and I are pretty much members of the same Sant Mat meditation class. Me, in He flamed out of the movement after about twenty years. Me, after more than thirty. Between us we've done a hell of a lot of mantra meditation. The mantra was supposed to be kept super duper secret. And I did, along with every other initiate I knew. But now, with the rise of the Internet, you can do a Google search and find the names easily.

They've also become fodder for what I hope is a satirical web site but it's hard to tell the difference between spiritual satire and seriousness these days. The names supposedly are holy because they refer to the rulers, or defining characteristics, of five metaphysical regions of the cosmos: Sahans-dal-kanwal, Trikuti, Daswan Dwar, Bhanwar Gupha, and Sach Khand. Sant Mat practitioners believe that the names are charged with spiritual power by the initiating guru.

They're supposed to be repeated throughout the day, as well as during much of one's meditation time. However, like Tucson Bob said, open awareness of reality that's actually present isn't facilitated by concentrating on a mantra that is intended to lead to another hypothesized realm of existence. So over the years I gradually became less rigid about my own approach to mantra meditation. I found that one was as good as five when it came to quieting my mind. What's holy about a word? Words aren't reality.

These are just terms that stand for something else that does have the ascribed qualities. I've written some other posts about mantra meditation, hereherehereand here. The last one dealt with whether mantra meditation is a waxing on or a waxing off using Mr.

Miyagi's karate training language.The Physics of Going Within. In analyzing shabd yoga from a more dispassionate viewpoint putting in brackets such spiritualized concepts as guru-bhakti and graceit is possible to breakdown the meditation technique into precise components.

Such an analysis allows one to understand the process from a different vantage point, which in itself may be both instructive and helpful for the neophyte.

Saying the five name mantra of Jot Niranjan, Onkar, Rarankar, Sohang, Sat Nam silently but methodically takes anywhere from 5 to 8 seconds. Roughly speaking we can repeat this mantra about 8 times a minute, give or take a couple rounds.

If one meditates 2 hours it translates as about rounds of repetition. The 8 second mantra can be broken down further to its separate words: Jot Niranjan 1 second plusOnkar 1 second or less? In terms of computational language, each letter equals a byte. If we include the spaces between each word, the entire five name mantra is equal to 42 bytes of information. It is also the atomic number of molybdenum. Thus 2 hours of simran equals 42, bytes or approximately 41 kilobytes.

Since the object of repetition is concentration, the key is to see how. But exactly what is a moment in awareness? In the mid. Wilhelm Wundt studied how fast nerve impulses traveled which turned out be much slower than first expected. As John McCrone explains:. The nervous system is like a road network with a few fast motorways and many winding country lanes. Large, heavily myelinated nerves — such as the muscle and sensory nerves which must run the length of the body — transmit their impulses at up to miles per hour.

But the congested network of small unmyelinated nerves which make up the bulk of our brain, work much more slowly. Once inside our heads, impulses. What such conduction speeds mean is that while consciousness might be fast, it cannot be instant. It takes a minimum of 10 to 20 milliseconds thousandths of a second for any sensory message to reach the brain.

After that, the brain must spend yet more time in evolving a response. An easy way to grasp the significance of this is to see how easily the brain can be duped into believing that still pictures are moving when they are shown in rapid succession usually 24 frames per second.

Accordingly, a perceptual moment apparently can range anywhere from a minimum of 40 milliseconds to milliseconds. Or, as Benjamin Lipet suggested there is a half-second delay relay in our perceptual awareness. No matter how we parse a moment, we know that it takes milliseconds for something to be perceived and that it can disappear within seconds.

By paying attention only to the word being repeated silently within, the moment gets occupied by the said word and hopefully with the next word and so on.

Gurinder Singh

However, within these segregated instances the mind often roams in and out of other thoughts which distract from the desired object of attention.

The difficulty is that it is exceedingly troublesome to stay. The end result is a lack of progress in meditation and the practitioner ends up spending more time either daydreaming or temporarily if not more permanently falling asleep. Perhaps the secret to deep concentration in meditation resides in how well we can thicken or immerse our focus in any particular moment.

Hence, in this context, meditation is not something we do for 2 hours at a stretch though such a parameter may be our alarm clock goal but rather developing our ability to keep fully focused for 8 seconds or computationally 42 bytes. Of course, this can only be achieved if we can first master milliseconds, 1 second, and so on.

However, if such concentration can be achieved certain telltale signs arise which can be both attractive and distracting. In addition when the body starts to go numb due to the withdrawal of awareness from the sensory.All the statements made on this website are a result of comprehensive research work.

The statements are based upon facts and are backed up by evidence from Radha Soami literature and books. This may sometimes feel harsh especially to a follower but the intention is only to draw the attention of the reader to the truth.

The content has been published in good faith and is only a critique and analysis of the knowledge prevalent in the Radha Soami faith. Swami Shiv Dayal ji started Radha Swami faith on his own. He himself did not have a Guru. This renders the faith arbitrary and self made. Without a Guru salvation can not be achieved.

He started a faith that of "Satnaam and Anami". This Radha Soami faith has been started by Rai Salig Ram who again did not have any orders of Guru to start this sect. This again makes the faith self made and arbitrary. According to the constitution of God those who consume tobacco and other intoxicants like alcohol drugs etc can never achieve God or salvation. He did not have any orders of his guru to start a branch in Beas which again makes this faith null and void.

radha soami 5 names in hindi

Without the orders of a guru, a faith is useless. Hence Radha Soami concept about God and their knowledge about God is faulty and incomplete. This is where Radha Soami Gurus have acquired these names. This is how the name "Radha Soami" came in to being.

The vani goes like this. They describe this doha to be that of "Kabir Sahib" where as in reality it has been said by Dadu ji. Moreover Radha Soami Gurus translate it wrongly. A few of them are listed below.

In reality they have no concept about Surat Shabad Yoga. In a nutshell everything that is prevalent in the Radha Soami faith and everything that is professed by Radha Soami Gurus is wrong.

Where does the Radha Soami faith go wrong? Swami Shiv Dayal ji used to smoke Hookah tobacco pipe According to the constitution of God those who consume tobacco and other intoxicants like alcohol drugs etc can never achieve God or salvation.Radha Soami Satsang Beas RSSB is an organization dedicated to a process of inner development under the guidance of a spiritual teacher.

The present teacher is Gurinder Singhwho lives with his family at the main centre in northern India. Although RSSB is not defined as a religion, the organization's fundamental teachings are not in direct conflict with those of other world faiths.

RSSB was founded in India in and steadily began spreading to other countries. Today, RSSB holds satsangs or teachings in more than 90 countries worldwide.

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It owns a number of properties worldwide called Science of the Soul Study Centres, where meetings are held. The centres are constructed and maintained primarily by volunteers. The group teaches a personal path of spiritual development which includes a vegetarian diet, abstinence from intoxicants, a moral way of life and the practice of daily meditation.

There are no rituals, ceremonies, hierarchies or mandatory contributions, nor are there compulsory gatherings. Members do not need to give up their cultural identity or religious preference to follow this path.

Satsang means 'association with Truth' and describes a group that seeks truth. At the core of the RSSB beliefs is that there is a spiritual purpose to human life, to experience the divinity of God who resides within all of us. It is through this experience that we will realize the truth that there is only one God and we are all expressions of his love.

Central to the RSSB philosophy is a spiritual teacher who explains the purpose of life and guides and instructs members in a method of spirituality based on a daily meditation practice. By performing the meditation practice according to the teacher's instructions, individuals can realize the presence of God within themselves.

It is a solitary practice that is done in the quiet of one's own home. Members commit themselves to a way of life that supports spiritual growth while carrying out their responsibilities to family, friends and society.

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To build on the primary spiritual practice of meditation, members are lacto-vegetarianabstain from alcohol and recreational drugs, and are expected to lead a life of high moral values. The lacto-vegetarian diet encourages respect and empathy for all life and acknowledges that there is a debt to be paid for taking any life both necessarily and unnecessarily.

Abstaining from intoxicants improves one's ability to concentrate and calms the mind during meditation. Members are encouraged to be self-supporting and not be a burden on society. They are free to make their own choices in life and maintain any cultural or religious affiliations they choose.

RSSB does not involve itself in the personal lives of its members. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Indian religious organization. For the book by Richard Dawkins, see Science in the Soul.

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Learn how and when to remove these template messages. This article relies too much on references to primary sources. Please improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources. May Learn how and when to remove this template message.The Radhasoamis are a religious fellowship that accepts saints and living gurus from anywhere. According to Pierluigi Zoccatelli, there were an estimated 3 million Radhasoami followers worldwide inwith many subsects based on the Guru.

Of these, the Radha Soami Satsang Beas is the largest [7] and it had 2 million followers. There are over 30 different Radhasoami groups in the world. It is a referent to the consciousness in a person and the cosmic energy source, states Juergensmeyer.

The gurus and the tradition that followed him used the term Radhasoami during the initiation rites, meditation practices and as mutual greeting. This has led to the fellowship being commonly called Radha Soami. Radhasoami movement was founded by Shiv Dayal Singh in Agra. His discourses attracted followers and thus the Radhasoami movement was founded when Swami ji gave initiation to Baba jaimal Singh ji who practised Surat shabad yoga on the bank of river Beas and the Dera Beas was Created.

To the Radhsoamis, six elements form the framework of their faith: [13]. The Radha Soami Satsang believes that living gurus are necessary for a guided spiritual life. Instead, the guru sits in the sanctum with the satsang group of Sikh faithfuls and they listen to preachings from the Adi Granth and sing hymns together. They are active outside India, and attracted converts to their movement.

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The Radhasoami are strict vegetarians. They are active in charitable work such as providing free medical services and help to the needy. They do not believe in orthodox Sikh ritual practices such as covering one's head inside the temple or removing shoes, nor do they serve karah prasad offering at the end of prayers. They also believe that jivanmukti or inner liberation is possible during one's lifetime with guidance of the living guru. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Radha Soami fellowships have featured gurus from many parts of the world. Infobase Publishing. Princeton University Press. Lorenzen State University of New York Press. The term Radha symbolizes Lord Krishna's soul. Lewis Peter Clarke ed. Encyclopedia of New Religious Movements. Sociological Analysis. Oxford University Press. Guru Maharaj Ji has accepted it and identifies with Krishna and other incarnations of Vishnu. Hidden categories: Commons category link from Wikidata.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Radha Soami.The five names as stated were not made up by Beas Beas, Spiritual Letters,page letter 5 Chachaji to Sawan : 1.

radha soami 5 names in hindi

The sentence "Initiations may then be given by him and confirmed under your instructions. Next Page of Secret History.

Go to page 1 Home of Secret History. This complete paragraph is left off the same letter 5 ; "Instructions have been issued to Lala Tara Chand for sending you Prem Patra 1,2, and 3 per railway parcel.

So you will get the books. The word Radhaswami was edited out of Jaimal's letters several times according to Maheswari and he gives several examples. There appear to be many distortions in Beas printed letters according to Agra which shows no records of some letters being written at all. Beas admits they have many more unprinted letters. Spiritual Gems, page xivquote " The society is deeply beholden to Maharaj Charan Singh Ji, for spending a lot of His precious time in selecting excerpts from the very large collection of letters and for permitting us to publish them.

Spiritual Letters and Spiritual Gems were printed seperately. Beas also deleted an incident from a letter where Bibi Rukko clubed another woman and was chastised for her behavior. Beas didn't produce certain Photostats at the time Spiritual Letters was written on key letters, which happened to be favorable to Jaimal.

The dates on letters were also irregular, or not shown. Such as the letter from Chachaji to Jaimal regarding the voting for the ten members of the Council, in Beas Parmarthi Patra in Hindi, the date shows as 6th Augustin Spiritual Gems, Beas, the letter is dated 4th August, If the letter was written inof course it would be bogus.

Kirpal corrects date in his book. But it is very clear Maheswari was quite suspicious of Beas letters saying there were no records at Agra of such. At this point we don't know what Beas letters are genuine, if any. It would require handwriting experts to determine authenticity. The author of this Secret History is assuming some events occured, such as Bhandaras for Jaimal after his death, etc.

And, if they are, if they would be complelely contradicted by the many unpublished letters. There are problems with all claimed Beas miracles. Why is it that there is so much hype in R.

[010] - सत्संगी की दिनचर्या कसी होनी चाहिए? RSSB Satsang By Puri Saheb Ji

I think this very rhetoric ,provided here by Sawan Singh, about Masters and their Powers is itself a Con, a Deception. Now when we hear "But they do not let supernatural powers even approach them, much less accept and use them" [Sawan Singh quote], my gut tells me something quite different: Hey, I haven't seen supernatural powers in the first place, much less see some Guru demonstrate it.

In fact, I think this whole notion of supernatural powers and that gurus don't display them is itself a cop-out. They cannot display such powers for a much simpler reason. End David Lane quote